Primary objective is to create and manage an exclusive Wine portfolio by colleting the worlds top investment grade wines at professional dealer prices. By doing so, the investor must benefit from long-term value creation of those wines or obtain access to exclusive Wines for personal consumption. 



Minimum Investment : £5,000
Investment Horizon : 36 months (recommended)
Storage : In Bond
Investment Advisory : Globus Wines
Placing Fee : Up to 5% Payable at subscription
Management Fee : 3% of NAV per annum
Custodian : Client
Top Up : No Additional Cost
NAV : 6 Months
Exit : Anytime
Insurance : Full replacement value

·     We charge an initial advising fee of 5% on total value of investment and for each remaining year 3%. There are no hidden charges. This is significantly lower and out pays itself considering clients would purchase the wine at wholesale prices through us.

·     Ownership of stocks is in the client’s name and cannot be operated unless written permission is granted

·     We buy only full cases & do not compromise on the quality, storage conditions & upkeep of the wine.

·     Top up at no additional cost and all documentations handled in-house.