Span of Investment

In most cases, one should consider a minimum of 3-5 years but keep in mind sometimes long-term investments yield higher results. Take for instance the following case of investment;

If you would have brought a case of Chateau Latour (Vintage 82, 90, 95, 96, 98, 00) considered one of the finer grade wines you would have paid an average price £2100 for 12 bottles in Jan 02. While it moved a mere 16% in 4 years much between Jan 02 – Jan 05(£2450), from Jan 05 to Jan 10 it traded upto to £6800 per case thus demonstrating a return of approximately 27% PA during the course of 8 years.

Investors must keep in mind that value of wines can go higher or lower in the short term due to various factors and it is generally recommended to wait until such time to maximise return at a later date on investment.