Categorised as an alternative investment class, investments in Fine Wines are increasingly being considered as vital components of any diversified portfolio. Asset class, investments in Fine Wine are unique - It is tangible and consumable that benefits from a limited supply and high demand environment. The world is drinking more good quality wine. In principle, the demand is increasing with a cap on quality producers. The world’s top producers are not only being asked to fulfil existing demand from Europe and North America but also the BRICK nations including Brazil, Russia, India and China. Expected demand from these nations is steadily rising which is bound to create pressure on prices - likely to go up in the coming years.

Our Liquid Asset Management division’s focus is to reach out to those entities/individuals looking to invest in this area and to maximise return on investments by guiding them systematically and periodically with complete transparency. Injecting money into Fine Wine allows investors and wine lovers to trade their investments in the open market and cover areas like;


-          Buying and Selling

-          Knowledge of investment grade wines

-          Complete advice on building a profitable portfolio.


In addition to the Investment program, our other range of services including professional Cellar building for Wine enthusiasts and commercial properties are unrivalled piece of art. Each Cellar is custom built to offer unique and rich experience to fulfil its purpose of built. Globus Wines's indepth knowledge bank of building Wine Cellars and flexibility allows customers to enjoy Wine without having to worry about storage problems.

Globus Wines has set a strong foothold in the Wine industry in little time. Our production facilities as well as collaborative setups in India, France and Australia and an office in UK & India ensure a global reach. With strong ethical values which form an integral element of our culture and a passion to grow world-class wines, Globus Wines is set to evolve the Industry with the choicest wines, consumed in the finest fashion.