Exit Option


The client maintains complete control of their stocks during the tenure of investment and is required to complete a release documents prior to any trade-out. This means that we cannot trade on your behalf unless you advise us to do so. 


Globus Wines has a dedicated network to manage the sale for you. This includes leveraging our relationships with stockiest, brokers and retailers around the world. In most instances you will receive an immediate quote for the wines but it is recommended that you allow up to 8-10 weeks for the value of portfolio to be completely realised as the aim is to sell the investment to secondary market where you will get the best prices for the wines.

Another avenue also available to investors are Auction Houses which are increasingly playing an important role globally and Wine Funds that buy hold and re-sell investment grade wines to generate returns for their investors. We also liaison with auction houses on behalf of investors should they wish to pursue this avenue.