Why Globus Wines


Contrary to popular beliefs merely storing wines in a closed unit with A/C or in a refrigerator is not enough; in fact such storage spoils the bottles.  Greater intricacies are required to store the Wine correctly and that’s where a Wine Cellar steps in.

Globus Wines takes care of vital components that are involved in making an ideal Wine Cellar, namely; Correct temperature, Right humidity level, Accurate positioning and placement of wine, Insulations of the Wine Cellar room as well as other key factors that protect your wines health, your investment and greatly add to your enjoyment of Fine Wine.


We specialize in building the best quality custom Wine Cellars. We focus on building one cellar at a time to give complete attention to our clients thus giving you peace of mind. Each cellar has its own uniqueness as we custom make the design to meet our clients needs. We use the finest materials and products in the process of building the cellar, our goal being exceeding the clients expectations. Our focus is to create an ambience that speaks luxury and works its charm without compensating on the practicality of the cellar.

Outsourcing the construction of the wine cellar to Globus Wines takes away the headache of keeping track of the day-to-day activates that come with making the cellar. It also eliminates the hassle of worrying about the minute details that go with it.