wine investment
Products Why invest in wine
Primary objective is to create and manage an exclusive Wine portfolio by colleting the worlds top investment grade wines at professional dealer prices. Ausone Region: St Emilion Estimated Annual Production: 2,000 cases



FAQ Investment Grade Wines
Isn’t wine a risky investment? Absolutely not. On the contrary, investments in right wines have NEVER declined in value. Wines from a top class Château from outstanding to exceptional vintages which are able to generate steady returns due to their increasing global demand and structurally limited supply are considered to be Investment worthy.



Advantages of Wine Investment The Market Today
The Wine market movement is primarily linked to law of supply and demand. The Fine Wine market is estimated at US$3 billion annually – a figure that has trebled since 2004.



Advice on Investing Charts Comparisons and Figures
Horizon: One should look at a minimum period of investment as 3-5 years. Whereas the maximum return on investments can be between 6-8 years.


Span of Investment
In most cases, one should consider a minimum of 3-5 years but keep in mind sometimes long-term investments yield higher results.